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For almost one hundred years Geartronics has been providing the highest quality custom gears and precision machined components to our customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, oil and gas, power transmission and medical device industries.

With our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we typically supply gears, gear sets and complex machined parts that incorporate a wide range of features faster than many of our competitors who must outsource to achieve the same results.

Our continuing investment in more advanced computer-aided manufacturing and solid modeling software backed by our years of experience means that we will solve your gear design problems, as well as rapidly develop the most reliable and repeatable manufacturing processes that ensure dimensional accuracy and stability throughout the entire production sequence.

Geartronics will produce parts complete to your specific requirements in quantities ranging from prototype or repair quantities of one part, to production quantities of thousands of parts per month.

We can cut gear teeth on the blanks that you provide, or we’ll machine precision gear blanks and supply them to you for further processing. We’ll deliver all your parts in one shipment, or we’ll stock parts at our facility for delivery to you as requested.

We’ll improve on lead times and reduce your transportation and handling costs by providing value-added secondary processes such as heat treating, plating, marking and assembly.

We’ll provide you with all the essential documentation associated with your shipment upon request including first article and in-process inspection reports, material and secondary process certifications and certificates of compliance. Whatever your requirements, our objective is to provide you with what you need when you need it!

Many of our customers have been depending on Geartronics for decades to deliver custom gears and precision machined components of the highest quality, on time and at a reasonable price. As a Geartronics customer, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we will continue to strive to improve our performance and reputation as a leading supplier of superior products and services.

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