Worms & Worm Gears

Geartronics has been meeting the needs of our customers for worms and worm gears for over 80 years, with many of our early designs still in use today. Our experienced technicians will work with you to develop or refine your designs achieve the benefits of worm gearing -- efficient power transmission, high ratio reduction, and quiet operation within a compact mechanism. Worm gearing typically consists of a worm and a worm gear. The worm has one or more straight-sided teeth wrapped around a cylindrical body very much like external threads on a screw. The mating worm gear has teeth of involute form that are throated allowing the envelopment of the worm when in mesh thus resulting in a larger area of contact between mating teeth. Mating worms and worm gears are most commonly mounted on shafts where the axes are perpendicular to one another and do not intersect.

Worm & Worm Gear Experience

Geartronics produces worm gear sets in various sizes and configurations that are used in a wide range of controls and drive units throughout industry. Most commonly, steel is the material of choice for worms while a softer material such as bronze or ductile iron is selected for worm gears. This allows the worm gear to wear during use to more closely match the profile of the worm teeth resulting in smoother and quieter operation. It is usually beneficial, although not required, to have the worms and worm gears produced by the same manufacturer so that each individual component can be sized appropriately to assure proper mesh and backlash during operation.

Geatronics has manufactured worms and worm gears for customers from a number of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Product
  • Defense
  • Food Processing
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Machine Controls
  • Medical Device & Equipment
  • Motion Control
  • Oil & Gas

Worm Gear Materials

Geartronics has the capability of producing worms and worm gears from a wide range of materials, including:

Castings & Forgings
Ductile Iron
Low Carbon Alloy Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Medium Carbon Alloy Steel
Preheat Treated Steel
Stainless Steels
Tool Steel

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